-Improved cosmetics
-Longer 90mm handle
-Super Free Spool
-Improved 6-Pin, VBS Braking System
-Manufactured in Shimano factory
-Brass Gearing

  • 151HG-B

Re-engineered and better than ever, the¬†Shimano Caius B Casting Reel¬†represents the same outstanding value as its predecessor ‚Äď now with updated cosmetics and improved performance. Manufactured at Shimano‚Äôs own factory and held to the same rigorous standards as their high-end reels, the Shimano Caius B Casting Reel features a number of marked upgrades, like an improved 6-pin, VBS Braking System, which works to eliminate line over run.

Backed by supplementary technologies, like Super Free Spool, the Shimano Caius B Casting Reel delivers extended distance and accuracy by minimizing spool friction during casts. Equipped with brass gearing, the Shimano Caius B Casting Reel offers a degree of smoothness that is not typically seen at its price point. Fitted with a longer, 90mm handle for increased leverage, the Shimano Caius B Casting Reel caters to anglers who want to be competitive, without spending an arm and a leg.

OFT Pancing Sdn Bhd is the authorised distributor for Shimano products in Malaysia and hereinafter referred as Shimano. Shimano warrants to the original purchase that this rod/reel will be free from non-conformities in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year for reels and two (2) years for rods. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase to the original purchaser only.

Rods and Reels Limited Warranty

During this period, Shimano will perform non breakage/repairs or effective replacement of rods/reels at Shimano’s option, with no cost to the original purchaser other than the cost of shipping charges incurred to our service facility. It also does not cover claims arising from wear and tear, improper use or neglect.

For breakage repairs of rods, a nominal replacement cost will be charged based on the following rod types:

  • Single Piece Rod: 40% of the complete rod SRP
  • Multi Piece Rod: 25% of the complete rod SRP for single section breakage, 40% of the complete rod SRP for two or more section breakages

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  • This warranty will be considered VOID if the rod or reel has been subjected to unauthorized alterations, abuse or damaged by your failure to provide necessary and reasonable maintenance.
  • Only rods/reels purchased from Shimano Authorized Outlets bearing the original warranty sticker are qualified for the warranty program. The usual service parts and repair costs applies to all other rods/reels that are purchased through other sources.
  • In the event that the rod/reel to be repaired has been discontinued, Shimano reserves the right to replace the discontinued rod with a newer model that has equivalent specifications/cost to the customer.
  • Further and in addition, the whole of this warranty shall not in any way whatsoever and howsoever apply to the following models/items:
      • Reel: FX, AX, Hyperloop, IX, Alivio
      • Rod: FXS, Scabard, Cruzar, Spinjoy TE, Stimula
  • Customer are reminded to remove all lines from reels when sending in reels (if applicable) for any service. Shimano will not be held responsible for any damages or loss for any lines.
  • Shimano will contact customer if there is any warranty/ repair doubts to be clarified or for repair quote purposes only.

Claim/Repair Procedure

To request warranty repairs or non-warranty service, please send your rod or reel to any Shimano Authorized Outlets.

Retailers for our products are not required or authorized to perform warranty repairs or exchanges on behalf of Shimano, nor are they authorized to modify this warranty in any way.

Shimano reserves the right to void this warranty if the reels/rods have been tampered, modified or subjected to repairs not authorized by Shimano.

In the case of warranty repair requests, (within the warranty period), the original copy of dated sales receipt and the original copy of Shimano Warranty Card must accompany any warranty claim. If your Shimano rod/reel should be found to require repairs outside of this warranty coverage (beyond warranty period), Shimano or Shimano Authorized Outlets will perform the repair and send a claim for parts, labour and shipping charges (if applicable).

Claim Submission Checklist

Please ensure that the following items are present when submitting your rod/reel for a warranty claim.

  • Valid warranty sticker on rod/reel
  • Dated sales receipt
  • Customer copy of warranty card completed and filled with owner/product/purchase information
  • Completed and filled Shimano copy of Warranty Card to be submitted within 14 days of purchase
  • Complete product for the claim

Shimano reserves the right to reject or void the warranty should any of the above items/requirements not be met. Please note that any tampering or false declarations made in the card will deem the warranty void with immediate effect.

WEIGHT (g)195
MAX DRAG (kg)5
LINE CAPACITYNylon mono (Lbs/Yds) 10-120 / 12-110 / 14-90
power pro (Lbs/Yds) 20-150 / 30-135 / 40-105

Additional information

Weight1000 g





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