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    – In 2021, Daiwa’s NEW bait reel will be revolutionized and reborn as a next-generation machine. The symbolic term is the hyper drive design.Hyper drive design is a new design concept in bait reel that aims to maintain high basic performance for a long time and greatly raises the level of all basic performance.In order to realize this, the hyper drive digital gear (drive gear + pinion gear) is the core, and the dual axis bait reel of hyper double support (pinion gear support method), hyper armed housing (housing), and hyper tough clutch is configured. The four important parts have been greatly refined with the latest and first-installed technology while further refining the technology cultivated from the past. As the name implies, it has achieved transcendental drive performance, so the definition of hyperdrive design refers to a model equipped with a hyperdrive digital gear and improved rotational performance. It consists of up to four new technologies, but even if the three other than the drive gear are not parts of the new technology, it will be categorized as a hyper drive concept. In addition, various parts materials are used in the right place.[Comparison of totation noise]
    Rotation noise comparison
    Measurement result of gear noise during winding (roughness felt when the handle is rotated, etc.). The smaller the swing width, the less noise. Compared to conventional gears, the noise level of Hyper Drive Digi Gear has been significantly reduced to 50% or less (compared to our company). Achieves a smooth and quiet winding feeling.[Comparison of Rotational Durability]
    Rotation durability comparison
    Comparison of rotational durability with existing bait reels. You can see it at a glance by looking at this graph. In the first place, it exhibits smooth rotation performance from the initial stage, and the amount of decrease in rotation performance due to tension (= high load or accumulation of load due to usage time) is extremely small. In other words, HYPER DRIVE DESIGN achieves both smooth rotation performance and rotation durability at an extremely high level.HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR THEORY
    [Conventional meshing (image)]
    [HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR meshing (image)]
    The drive gear module is standardized in a size that is not too small. By finishing the tooth surface with a bullet-shaped silhouette that provides the optimum pressure angle, we have achieved a highly efficient meshing ratio with the pinion gear. In the past, the meshing, in which the tooth surfaces of each other contacted each other up to two times, sometimes aimed at contacting three times. It is a system with a gentler pressure angle that achieves both smooth rotation and excellent durability.[Evolution of pinion gear]
    Corrosion resistance test results of conventional pinion gears

Corrosion resistance test results of conventional pinion gears

Corrosion resistance test results of the latest pinion gear

Corrosion resistance test results of the latest pinion gear

The pinion gear that is paired with the drive gear is a super important part that can be said to be the same as the drive gear for bait reels. The pinion gear has also evolved dramatically. The gear tooth surface has been renewed with new specifications like the drive gear. At the same time, by adopting a special material, troubles such as corrosion, sticking, and chipping are drastically reduced. The two photos are the test results assuming a harsh environment. A fine salt pool can be seen on the conventional tooth surface on the left. This kind of residual salt and sand grains is the cause of the feeling of stiffness and, by extension, the lack of teeth in the gear. On the other hand, there is no salt pool on the new tooth surface on the right. Naturally, the gear will last a long time.

    By supporting both ends of the pinion gear with ball bearings at two points, the hyper double support is an important mechanism that transmits the power to rotate the handle to the spool rotation without dampening it .
    At the same time, the pinion gear itself has been greatly strengthened.HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT[Pinion gear support structure]
    “HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT” is the support structure for the intermediate shaft and pinion gear that converts the power of the drive gear into spool rotation. It is a drive support system that improves the rotational feeling by supporting both ends of the pinion gear with two ball bearings. Compared to the one-point support of the pinion gear, it has rotational durability and the transmission efficiency of the rotational power input from the handle. Can be greatly improved. Like the drive gear, the pinion gear itself has undergone various evolutions in terms of strength, resulting in a significant increase in the durability of the drive unit.

    The pinion gear, which is paired with the drive gear, is actually a really important part for bait reels, which requires elaborate design, gear tooth surface, material, processing, durability, precision and so on. This time, when we have achieved dramatic evolution, I would like to reorganize it.

    First, about the pinion gear body. Since it is paired with Hyper Drive Digi Gear, it has been renewed with new specifications like Drive Gear. In addition, the material has been redesigned to have high strength and high corrosion resistance grade, and troubles such as corrosion, sticking, and chipping have been drastically reduced, and the initial rotation has continued for a long time, resulting in a significant performance improvement.

    The other is hyper double support. This refers to a drive gear support system in which two points at both ends of the pinion gear are supported by ball bearings, not the main body of the pinion gear. Hyper Double Support aims to maintain the initial performance of ball bearings by distributing the load by separately providing ball bearings related to spool rotation and handle rotation.

    The foundation is important for everything. The base of the reel required for a good gear to perform is the housing. HYPER ARMED HOUSING refers to a housing system that firmly supports the internal structure with high rigidity and high precision, and produces precise winding comfort and high power. As a condition, use a metal material for the frame . Furthermore, the Saltiga IC uses an aluminum alloy. Full cutting is performed bu the machine cut manufacturing method unique to the round type, achieving robustness and unrivaled high rigidity. Naturally, it supports rotation with a solid body without rattling. The shape is human ergonomics , or even more specialized fishing ergonomics, compact, hand-friendly, and tireless. I would like to explain this carefully in the compact body part.HYPER ARMED HOUSING
    The housing of Saltiga IC is HYPER ARMED HOUSING (FULL-AL) in which the frame, both side plates and set plate are all made of aluminum, that is, full metal.
    Trust is not something that suddenly “wins” one day, but something that continues to build up over time, history, and time. As a result of aiming for trouble-free bait reels used in seawater, we have finally realized a highly durable clutch structure that can withstand the clutch ON / OFF that operates many times and continue to operate. Let me introduce the key points that have come to light as we continue to improve. Generally speaking, the image of a clutch is a clutch lever. This is just a part. By switching this lever from ON to OFF, the internal parts operate instantly, and it is a one-piece system that works together until the pinion gear and spool are separated. In other words, the clutch is exactly the key to driving to move to spool-free and hoisting operations.The main cause of clutch trouble is that the internal clutch system is corroded or stuck by the seawater that enters through the gap between the spool and the body frame, and the clutch lever does not operate. Seawater is a natural enemy of bait reels. DAIWA has been tirelessly working on improving the clutch system for many years, and has reached one completion in this hyper tough clutch. Keeping the internal system rock solid is the basis for the clutch to continue to operate.[Clutch system cross section (image)]Clutch system cross section (image)
    Daiwa’s unique waterproof and durable structure that maintains a light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long period of time by creating a magnetic oil wall to prevent foreign matter such as seawater and dust from entering.”Magshield ball bearings” apply this technology to the ball bearings themselves, which are the key to rotational performance.Due to the structure of the bait reel, intrusion of seawater is unavoidable through the gap between the spool and the body.Ball bearings on the handle side of the pinion gear are most susceptible to salt shavings due to the ingress of seawater.By adopting Mag Shield ball bearings in areas where maintenance is difficult and salt tends to remain, waterproofness, durability, and rotational performance are maintained, and comfortable initial performance is maintained for a long period of time.Saltiga IC should be highly durable. In order to make precious time a few chances, all the anxiety factors are wiped out.Mag-shield ball bearings that continue to be effective in invisible places. The effect is enormous.
  • ATD – Automatic Drag System
    For the drag, ATD is used to maximize the effect of salt bait reel. With carbon washer specifications, it not only starts smoothly, but also reduces sticks due to frictional heat under high load. The waterproof specification is also an important point. Drag MAX value is set to 7kg and 10kg for each series. What is important is the wide range of practical drag operation.In addition to the click sound when adjusting the drag, a drag pull-out click is also installed. The drag pull-out click is a structure that makes a click so that the drag operation can be discriminated by sound when the line is pulled out by fighting with a fish. In Saltiga IC, we are particular about this click sound and improve the click spring. In addition, you can experience the smooth operation of ATD with a crisp sound.Furthermore, the large-diameter long arm star drag made by AL is used for the star drag, which is easy to tighten and adjust.[Relationship between star drag operating angle and drag force (drag adjustment range comparison)]
    With Saltiga IC, the drag adjustment range, which is diversified in actual fishing, is tuned for each size. The 300 size, which mainly uses PE 1.2 to 3, it is set to the width of the drag adjustment range with a load of 2 to 7 kg. It is clear from the graph results that the settable range has expanded compared to the conventional model, and more detailed drag settings have become possible.Usability
  • Compact Body / Thumb Rest / Position
    It ‘s compact, light, and easy to grip, which you ‘ll notice at a glance, you’ll know more when you pick it up, you ‘ll be confident when you use it , and you ‘ll be surprised if it’s equipped with an IC counter. Therefore, from the ease of palming to the thumb rest position, aiming for a reel that is easy for anglers to operate , we will not cut corners.
    A stable grip cannot be achieved with “compact” alone. Imagine a jigging scene.
    🄰 Summing: The position of the thumb when inserting the jig and dropping it to the bottom.
    🄱 Invitation: Thumb position during jig operation to produce a variety of hiccups.
    🄲 Confrontation: Thumb position when interacting with the target after a hit. The
    thumb rest position that seems to be arranged casually and has been given the utmost consideration.
    As the position changes from 🄰 to 🄲, it changes to a high load situation.
    Especially 🄲: If there is a button on the IC counter at the time of invitation, it will cause a malfunction.
    Thoroughly eliminate such troublesome parts.
    All to realize “overwhelming compactness that you can see, touch and experience”.


The location of the IC counter is also a point this time. Even if it is equipped with an IC counter, it does not interfere with palming while maintaining the stylishness of the Saltiga IC, and of course, the counter is also in an easy-to-see position. Moreover, in order to prevent erroneous operation, the IC counter is specially designed with left and right handles.




The side plate is in the smallest diameter class. By arranging the spool position in the ON center, it is hard to bend and does not rattle. The reel stand, which plays an important role in the mating part with the reel seat, is cranked. Thoroughly every corner so that the body height is as low as 0.1 mm



The effect of Daiwa’s unique front pillar installed in front of the level wind is enormous. The placement of the index finger on the palming side is also important because we are particular about the shape that can be grasped. The points are (1) prevention of finger pinching, (2) protection of the level wind mechanism (prevention of impact when dropped), and (3) increased body rigidity. By placing the index finger in the space under the foregrip and front pillar when the rod is attached, we pursued a feeling of touch, a feeling of fit, and eventually an increase in sensitivity. It also contributes greatly to the prevention of falling such as slipping out.

Recall the three required performances that are the basis of salt bait reels. Rotational performance. Durability. And the other is the operation performance explained here. Of course, the Saltiga IC was thoroughly focused on stress-free operation performance in actual fishing.

First, light and small.

Even though it is equipped with an IC counter, the 100th weight is 300-310g, and the 300th weight is 385-405g. The weight has been reduced to the extent that it is close to the conventional model without a counter. Naturally, if it is light, it can be operated easily.

In addition, the body is compact. The side plate has achieved the smallest diameter size in its class, improving the ease of palming. In short, you can keep holding the reel in a relaxed position without getting tired.

Also, in each fishing scene, Saltiga was designed by thoroughly examining the details more than before so that the part where the angler contacts the reel, that is, the hand and fingers can take the best position. It’s an IC. First of all, if you actually set it on the rod and hold it, you should be convinced that it will be soon.

For example, for the thumb rest position, which is the most frequently operated position, the parts position was thoroughly verified so that the clutch can be turned on and off, summing, and IC counter operation can be performed smoothly and without stress.

In addition, the index finger has been improved so that it follows the front pillar. In addition to setting the position of the level wind, it can be said that this is possible because there is a front pillar peculiar to Daiwa installed in front of the level wind to prevent contact between the level wind and the index finger. In fact, placing your index finger between this level wind and the foregrip of the rod will increase the contact area with the reel and make it fit better in the palm of your hand. It also leads to an improvement in sensitivity, and when a big game comes unexpectedly, the index finger hooks, which greatly improves the slip-out.

The Saltiga IC has been created to show better performance in various actual fishing scenes by directly facing the weight reduction, compactness, and improvement of ergonomics of the reel itself.

    The first IC counter equipped with a round jigging reel that instantly responds to ever-changing situations.
    At the same time as evolving the function of the counter itself, we have also realized a compact setting that is greatly related to ease of grip.
    As a result, the Saltiga IC has a stylish form that cannot be thought of as a machine equipped with an IC counter.

    While equipped with an IC counter, it is lighter and more compact than non-equipped machines. In other words, the biggest downside of installing an IC counter in the past is no longer present in the Saltiga IC. In addition, operability is improved by designing the right-hand drive and left-hand drive respectively. The Saltiga IC has steadily eliminated the causes that are no longer needed and has evolved into an IC counter that allows you to enjoy only your advantages.

    Naturally, it is tuned so that it is easy to use in terms of functionality. The depth alarm has become particularly convenient. A function that sounds an alarm every 10 ⅿ of line emission during a fall. In order to know the amount of line emission, a color-coded line is used for machines without an IC counter, and a counter is used for machines without an alarm. What I had to pay attention to was the depth alarm, which tells the depth of the water by sound. Although there is a model equipped with a depth alarm in the conventional model, the Saltiga IC tunes it more conveniently for the salt lure scene. In addition, we are particular about the sound quality of the alarm sound, and adopted a mild sound that allows you to relax and continue fishing comfortably.

    In the new jigging scene where the IC counter + depth alarm unfolds, the shape of the seabed and the ability to grasp the water depth are dramatically improved. For example, changes in the shape of the seabed, such as rooting, depression, rising and falling, can be visually grasped and audibly grasped by the depth alarm, enabling an accurate approach. It is easy to hit the instruction shelf directly, and various strategies such as a fall approach from just before the instruction shelf can be produced.

    【alarm sound】

    Visual = IC counter reel that tends to rely on liquid crystal.
    IC COUNTERIn order to expand the range of ease of use, we are particular about hearing = alarm and created the sound quality of the alarm sound.

    ● Depth alarm has evolved further

    Accurate Tana capture is possible with an alarm sound.
    The alarm sound is repeated once every 10m.
    The alarm sound is repeated 1 to 3 times every 10m.

    ● Improved depth alarm sound quality

    By changing the ship slip sound quality of the stop alarm and depth alarm, to comfortable alarm sound is not too loud even at the time of the actual fishing
    boat slip stop the alarm sound quality ※ is alert in the street treble until now

    ● Easy and convenient when inputting threads

    [ input method ]

    • Install the tackle in the newly rewound state
    • Set to the P3 input screen, throw in a jig (device), and drop it to 30m.
    • Press and hold the button at the counter display 30m and drop it another 30m (a total of 60m withdrawal is completed here)
    • Press and hold the button at the counter display 60m to complete the thread input.
    • In the past, it was completed by winding 60m from here, but it is possible to drop it as it is and fish.

    The alarm sound is repeated 1 to 5 times every 10m.

    Both can be set to ON / OFF by fall setting and winding setting respectively.
    Even if you don’t check the counter with your eyes, you can easily grasp the water depth only by the alarm sound
    Improved P3 withdrawal input method.
    Until now, a withdrawal input of 50m → 100m is required. It has been improved from 30m to 60m withdrawal input, enabling quick setting and recovery.

    Moreover, when line rewinding occurs at the site, input is easy if the water depth is 60 m or more.

    [Saltiga IC counter function]

    10 cm unit water depth displayLevel count display according to depth
    Depth alarmFunction to sound an alarm every 10m
    Hoisting speed displayLevel count display according to speed
    Thread breakage one-shot correctionCounter correction when thread breaks, etc.
    Ship slip alarmWarning to prevent entanglement in the tip
    LED backlightBacklight lighting setting (* Initial setting is OFF)
    timerDisplay the input time (* Initial setting is OFF)
    P3 withdrawal input improvement30m ⇒ 60m input (* Conventionally 50m ⇒ 100m)
    Battery replaceableEasy to replace by the angler himself

    [IC counter with excellent drainage]
    IC COUNTERThe location of the IC counter is also a point this time. Even if it is equipped with an IC counter, it does not interfere with palming while maintaining the stylishness of the Saltiga IC, and of course, the counter is also in an easy-to-see position. Moreover, in order to prevent erroneous operation, the IC counter is specially designed with left and right handles. The area around the LCD screen has a convex shape to prevent problems such as seawater pools, achieving good water drainage. This kind of accumulation is the driving force for true comfort.

    Synchronized level wind is a mechanism in which the level wind synchronizes with the line position and follows left and right.This function works effectively when the thread is ejected from the spool.Why do you need this mechanism? That is because I can concentrate on interacting with the fish with peace of mind. First of all, it is an important function to dramatically improve drag performance. At the moment when the line is pulled out due to a sudden sudden thrust such as fighting with a blue object, it supports smooth drag operation by interlocking. Next, the line emission angle between the spool and the level wind is reduced to reduce frictional resistance. Even with fine thread PE, you can concentrate on fighting with confidence without worrying about line breaks. In search of more targets. Thoroughly eliminate anxiety factors.SYNCHRO LEVEL-WIND

Warm shaft aiming at the optimum angle that greatly reduces the biting trouble peculiar to PE

[Structural reform unique to Saltiga IC]
SYNCHRO LEVEL-WINDIn order to realize the product concept of Saltiga IC, “Compact and robust, unrivaled”, we have newly developed a structure of a synchro level wind mechanism that is different from the conventional one. As a result of successfully moving the synchro level wind mechanism to the handle side, the outer diameter of the palming side side plate has been reduced by up to about 10% (* compared to our conventional products). Also, pay attention to the thickness of the side plate on the palming side. The size is comparable to that of models without ICs, and the distance from the rod center is short, so it boasts overwhelming ease of grip.


    From the area of ​​light jigging to further depth. Saltiga IC that belongs to the compact type category. Thoroughly identify the target fish species of this reel and capture areas that are not bound by conventional ideas. In order to embody the universal spirit of bait jigginger with the latest technology, we have started a new spool size.

    For the spool, narrow spool width is selected for each of the 100 series and 300 series. By determining the spool width related to the body size, we derived the optimum spool diameter size of Φ36mm for the 100 series and Φ43mm for the 300 series, and secured the required line capacity. If you try to secure the same line capacity with the conventional method of widening the spool width, the body is lightweight, but the horizontally long silhouette makes it impossible to make it compact. In order not to betray the concept of compactness and robustness, we made it in the direction of increasing the spool diameter.

    On the other hand, I would like to mention the drawbacks of narrow pools. In the case of a narrow pool, the amount of change in the winding diameter of the stored line is large, that is, the amount of change in the winding length per rotation of the handle is also large depending on the amount of line emission. Then, it will affect the jig action. Naturally, I kneaded it and adjusted it to the optimum balance.

    As for the spool shape, first pay attention to the unique uneven shape of the bottom surface. This acts as a non-slip to suppress the thread slip phenomenon of PE that occurs when the beginning of winding is sweet as much as possible. Further, both ends of the spool are provided with a thickness. This has two aims, first of all, the role of fine thread PE to prevent it from entering the gap between the spool and the frame. The other is the summing space. Be conscious of line care by touching the spool edge so that you do not have to touch the line directly. Because it is an IC counter model that cannot replace spools, it is a basic design that puts line care first.

    [Fishing method / target list]

    seriesPE line numberLine capacityFishing method / target
    100No. 0.8500mSupports light jigging in shallow to near sea areas, Tairaba (including deep), SLJ, lake jigging, bottom aiming, etc. A wide range of targets can be targeted.
    No. 1400m
    No. 2200m
    300No. 1.2600mSupports not only light jigging but also slow jigging such as blackthroat seaperch, cod, sawedged perch, grouper and flounder in the deep sea area.
    No. 1.5500m
    No. 2400mSupports a wide range of jigging from inshore jigging to slow jigging and bottom aiming. Corresponds to root fish as well as blue fish (yellowtail, amberjack, etc.)


    300H-SJ, 300HL-SJ
    [Compatible fishing species] Jigging, Slow jigging
    A specialty model that supports everything from inshore light jigging to slow jigging, centered on PE1.2-2.5. PE1.2-600m can be stocked, and it demonstrates overwhelming potential with the highest speed specification in its class.


This limited warranty is only valid for Daiwa reels within the period of ONE (1) year from date of purchase.
Reel with warranty card is entitled for ONE (1) year free servicing.
There will be free replacement for each piece parts ONCE within the warranty period.
This Warranty does not cover damage to the external/internal appearances or accessories supplied together with the products.
This warranty is not valid for reels that have been tempered, modified, subject to repair by an unamortized party, or has been subjected to alteration, abuse or damage caused by the owner’s failure to provide routine maintenance.
This warranty card must be filled in with details of the owner (complete with dealer’s company chop) and g return to Daiwa, accompanied by original copy of dated sales receipt upon service requirement. Incomplete information on the card will VOID the warranty and the service fee will be chargeable even within warranty period.
This warranty is only valid for products distributed by Daiwa In Malaysia and Brunei only.
Freight cost (from owner to retailer shop or vise versa) will be bared by the owner
DAIWA reserves the rights to amend the above terms from time to time without prior notice.
For Electric Reel, please refer to DAIWA ELECTRIC REEL WARRANTY REGULATION CARD (inside box).

WEIGHT (g)405g
PE LINE1-800 / 2-400 / 3-250

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Weight1000 g



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